Proof Boutique and the Brush Factory on Kings

Hello! Thanks so much for stopping by! We truly have been blown away by everyone's kind words and wanted to take a moment to share more about how we started, what's to come, what we've learned and just how thankful we are for your support!

I thought I would first start this blog off as a bit of an FAQ. There are a few questions we get asked over and over again about our new location, so I am hoping to address all those!

1. Why did you want a permanent location?

We launched Proof as an online business in February 2017. We were so excited, but struggling to establish a following with our very, very low marketing budget. As avid shoppers ourselves, we realized what we love so much about shopping is the experience. Getting to touch, feel, try on, etc. While we do realize that major changes are happening in retail, the boutique setting still really stood out to us. We decided to start scouring the internet for places we could travel to sell our clothes and get our product in front of people. We came across Sweet Clover Barn in Frederick, MD. We were a bit skeptical however because this was a place people came to buy furniture. Would we fit in? Would people think it was weird we were there? Well, we wouldn't know until we tried! We packed up our car and headed to Frederick. Long story short, people loved our clothing and we couldn't believe the positive response we received. We left there so excited and promised ourselves we'd find a way to make Proof into something special!

2. Why Lewes, DE?

We spend a lot of time in Lewes and absolutely LOVE the town. As I'm sure you've probably realized by now, we also LOVE to shop. We always wished there was a shop that we could count on to have something different from everywhere else. We really wanted to bring something new and different and try to spread our appreciation for unique pieces, fun patterns and awesome fabrics.

3. How did you find the Brush Factory on Kings?

Funny story. As I mentioned earlier, we desperately wanted a permanent location and we desperately wanted to bring our style to Lewes. We felt like there was an untapped market there and we were dying to see what we could do! One morning, my Dad and I rode our bikes in to town to grab breakfast. Afterwards my Dad wanted to take the long way home (of course!) and we ended up taking a unique route back home. On our way, we passed this huge warehouse (used to be a gym) that we noticed had been really cleaned up. We commented on the new paint job and for some reason we both turned our heads around to take another look. Thats when we saw a sign, "Vendors of the unique and unusual wanted." I literally couldn't believe it. We debated if we should stop and within 1 second we had made a U-turn and had our faces pressed up against the front door. Moments later, the door opens and these two people are hysterically laughing at us. I think we looked a bit ridiculous with our faces pressed against their doors. They were the owners of this new concept and informed us they'd be launching the Brush Factory on Kings in just a few short weeks. We decided to take a huge leap of faith and the rest is history!

9. When did the Brush Factory on Kings open and how's it going so far?

The Brush Factory opened in mid-June and Proof opened in early July. We've been so grateful that we have received such a positive response... everyone's support literally means SO much to us. You have no idea. *total dream come true*

4. Do you and your Mom work there?

I wish! A lot of people think we're insane (and we sometimes think we are too), but we actually both still work normal 9-5 jobs. This is definitely a 'dream job' for us and we really hope one day to turn that dream into a reality! This is partially why the Brush Factory concept is so appealing to us. The owner, Christine, staffs the space everyday from 10AM-5PM. None of the vendors have to be there, so it allows you to have a physical location, without having to physically be there. PERFECT for small business owners like us!

5. What is The Brush Factory on Kings?

I try to describe the Brush Factory on Kings as a place for small businesses to basically have permanent pop up shops. What is really unique however is that we do not have to staff it. However, we spend entirely too much time there on the weekends when we're down at the beach. We LOVE being able to interact with our customers and learn more about what they're loving and want to see more of!

6. Where is the Brush Factory on Kings?

The Brush Factory on Kings is located at 830 Kings Highway in Lewes, DE. It is open everyday from 10-5!

7. Can I host a shopping event at Proof?

Duh! We'd love to host you and your girls! Contact us using the contact form and we'll set something up!

8. What if I can't travel to the Brush Factory on Kings to shop?

No worries! We have most of our product for sale on our online store. Also, if you are local to the DC metro area, you can visit us at Sweet Clover Barn in Frederick, MD for a monthly event.

9. What's next on your radar?

Right now we are focused in on our Fall and Winter buys! We recently traveled to Atlanta for a buying trip and are literally SO excited about what is to come! We purchased items from SO many new brands and we really think this was our best buy to date. There are so many amazing pieces coming and all with very reasonable price points.

We also placed our first home decor order and are expecting that shipment in the next week or so! In other exciting news, we also have face masks on their way! May sound silly, but we are literally so excited. We came across these amazing face masks, fell in love and figured we should share them with all of you!

Sorry for the lengthy post, but I hope you all enjoyed getting to know us a bit better! Hope to see you at the Brush Factory on Kings or at Sweet Clover sometime soon!

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