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Our dream at Proof is to one day have our own brick and mortar store. Whenever we share this with just about anyone, the first question out of their mouth is, "Why?! Everyone shops online, retail is completely shifting to online." While we do understand that many people do prefer to shop online, we also understand that some people want the chance to touch and feel merchandise before committing to a purchase. After starting Proof, we became determined to get involved in our community, attend as many events as possible, and travel to college campuses spreading our brand. We are so excited to announce one of our first events, where we will have a permanent booth through the holidays. If you are local to the DC metro area, please join us June 16 - 18th at Sweet Clover Barn in Frederick, MD! Sweet Clover is filled with different antique treasures, gifts and home accessories! We hope to see you there!

(An extra special thanks to everyone who came out to Sweet Clover last month. You all were so sweet and encouraged us so much - YOU are the reason why we have decided to return with a permanent booth in the barn!)

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